Phone repair Brisbane CBD fix2u branch is located at the heart of Brisbane town. This branch has helped so many clients whose phones got damaged while in the CBD. This fix2u phone repair branch is open from Monday to Friday. The opening hours start at 8am to 6pm each of the working days. Besides these core business hours, a local repair hero can as well complete your repair outside the core working hours. The following payment methods are accepted, cash payments and card payments. Phone repair Brisbane CBD is important because of the following reasons:


Almost everyone in the CBD owns a phone. The phone has become the most convenient mode of communication.

For this reason, if your phone gets damaged accidentally while in the CBD then this repair branch will be your only rescue. Its location is very strategic. Being within the CBD, this service provider is easily reachable. Within a short time, you will be at the repair shop.


The repair will take a short time. Phone the simple phone damage, it will take the technician a few minutes to complete the repair. Twenty to thirty minutes are enough for the repair hero to replace either a broken screen or button problem. More complex repairs can take up to one hour. This means that you will be able to resume your daily activities without delay.

Additionally, same day repairs are done. This means that you will get your phone back the same day. You will not have to go a day without your phone. Phone repair Brisbane CBD has the most experienced and skilled technicians who will complete the repairs within the shortest time possible. Being highly trained, the repair heroes are capable of repairing even the most complex phones with sophisticated software.


It is very cheap to repair a damaged phone with the Fix2U technicians. You will be charged based on the kind of repairs to be done. You will only need to use your extra cash to repair your damaged phone. You will need to dig deeper into your pocket for you to purchase a new phone. Instead, save your extra money by simply having a phone repair Brisbane CBD which is not only cheaper but will also make your phone a new again.


There are many other beneficial aspects with phone repair Brisbane CBD. Once you have repaired your phone, you will be given a five-year warranty cover for the repair service and the spare parts used. Fix2u have in store premium spare parts just for you. No matter the phone model, you will get any spare parts that you need. In the store, fix2u have a replacement screen for every phone model, they also have both front and rear cameras and many other spare parts. These spare parts are sourced from the best manufacturer.You should also note that each phone model is replaced by a compatible spare part. Thus, you need to specify the kind of phone model that you have for replacement with the compatible spare part.