It is a compulsory procedure that you book for your phone repair Adelaide. For every repair, you need to fill in a quote form specifying the kind of repair that you need. Once you fill in your repair form, it acts as a booking for your repair. An instant repair charge will be shown to you once you click on the kind of repair that you require. Payments for the repair are normally done once you have received the repair service. However, there are terms and conditions that you should know before submitting your booking request.


You can cancel or reschedule your repairs incase something comes up, and you will not be available. Depending on the time that you cancel or reschedule your repair, some charges will be accompanied. It is a condition that you should make cancellation or reschedule request 60 minutes prior to the agreed scheduled time.For this case, you will not be charged anything for cancellation or rescheduling. However, if you make the cancellation request within less than 60 minutes to agreed scheduled time, you will be charged a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee will amount to $ 59. And if you request for rescheduling within the 60 minutes, you will be charged a re-booking fee. The rebooking fee will amount to $ 39. You should also note that if you arrive fifteen minutes pasts the agreed appointment time, the repair appointment will be cancelled. Cancellation fee of $ 59 will also be charged.


In some rare cases, a repair hero will not be able to repair your phone. In such a case, phone repair Adelaide charges will not be demanded by the technician. This is because the fix2u services have the no fix no fee principle. This principle will apply to all the unsuccessful repairs apart from liquid damaged repairs. This is because phones damaged by any liquid do not have a guaranteed repair.


You need to be careful when book to avoid the futile booking fee. This a fee that is applied when you fail to present the same device model as you quoted when booking. The charge for this mistake will amount to $ 59. To avoid this fee, you should be very careful when filling in the booking form. You should first go through the booking guidelines on the fix2u website before booking. Phone repair Adelaide will be a smooth process if you become keen on some few small details.


Before any repairs are done by the repair hero, he or she will first conduct some test to diagnose the actual problem. These tests are to ensure that all the functioning features are not affected in the event of repairs. It is therefore wise to charge and unlock your phone before any phone repair Adelaide. This will be helpful to both of you, the owner and the repairer. Devise testing is useful when offering warranty cover. Warranty offer will only cover for the part repaired by the fix2u repair hero and not the other parts that get damaged after the repair