Fix2u is one of the best phone repair service providers. It is a unique phone repair Brisbane. One feature that makes it stand out is itsfive-year warranty offer. This warranty offer covers for the service provided and the spare parts used. This long enough warranty offer assures you that the service quality is indeed good and the spare parts are premium. When claiming for the warranty, you will have to fill in a short form. Once the claim is received, the fix2u service provider will inspect the phone before taking responsibility.In some cases, you may not be able to receive the warranty claim. Some warranty exclusions applies for phone repair Brisbane. They include the following:


Fix2u warranty will not cover for any subsequent accidental damage that happens after the phone has been repaired. Also, if you drop your phone accidentally and it gets an operational or mechanical failure or simply any damage as a result of mishandling will not be covered by the warranty. Moreover, if the phone gets damaged due to water or any other liquid, fix2u will not be responsible for the damage. It is thus good to know these conditions when you are getting phone repair Brisbane.


If your phone gets software related problems, Fix2U shall not be held liable, rather the phone manufacturer should provide that cover. If for instance, you own an iPhone, software related issues will be the responsibility of Apple manufactures. Moreover, if your phone gets any other damage which is not related to the original repair done, then warranty claim will not be honored. Before you get your phone repair Brisbane, ensure that you back up your data. This is because fix2u shall not be held liable in the case where data is lost during repair. If your phone fails to operate well after Fix2U repair, ensure that you get it back to the Fix2U repairer. This is because once you take your phone for repair or even inspection to another repair party then you will lose the warranty cover.


When seeking for phone repair Brisbane, you should ensure that there is no existing problem that is not repaired. If the pre-existing problem that was not repaired during the first repair persists, you will not be covered by the warranty. It is as well important to make all repair bookings through the Fix2U website. All the repairs that were not booked via the online booking form shall not be covered by the warranty. You should also not that batteries are consumables when booking for phone repair Brisbane. Batteries depreciate over time, and thus they do not qualify as part of a five-year warranty. Battery warranty only lasts for three months, if at all your battery fails to function, it shall only be replaced within the three months of repair. Also, phone repair Brisbane warranty excludes the screen protectors since they also categorized as consumables. Warranty claim is only accepted if the device was repaired by fix2u technician and its subsequent damage is as a result of Fix2U faults.