Before you book for any fix2u phone repair services, you need to be aware of the booking terms and conditions. You may end up paying for unnecessary fees due to ignorance. Therefore, it is wise to be informed of the phone repair Canberra booking terms and conditions to avoid such charges.


By completing the booking form found in the fix2u website means that you are ready to have your phone repaired by the fix2u repair hero. Therefore, in case you want to cancel or reschedule the repair request ensure that you make an earlier communication. It is possible to cancel or to reschedule without being fined if you make such a request atleast 60 minutes prior to the scheduled repair time.You will also be charged for delayed to arrive at the agreed place at the agreed time. If you delay for more than fifteen minutes then you will we charged. Therefore, before you book for phone repair Canberraensure that you are capable of honoring the above conditions.


Fix2u services have the ‘no fix no fee’ principle, which says that if the technician fails to fix your phone, you will not be charged anything. However, if the damage is as a result of water or any liquid, this principle will not apply. When booking you need to specify the actual phone model that you want to be repaired. This is because if you present a device which is totally different from the one you specified while booking, you will be charged a futile booking fee. Ensure that before you make phone repair Canberra booking, ensure that you know your device name.


It is a fix2u procedure that the device presented for repair must first be tested. This is to ensure that there is no other feature not functioning. Device testing will help you during the warranty claim process. The technician will first determine all the problems and hence fix them. It is thus good to ensure that your phone is charged and is unlocked for the technician to complete all the required test. If in case you want to claim for the warranty cover, any other issue that was not repaired shall be excluded. Ensure that you have all things set before the phone repair Canberra hero arrives.


The fix2u spare parts are covered by the five-year warranty. Normally, the premium quality spare parts are tested for compatibility before fixing them. Compatibility is compulsory, but the similarity is compromised. For some screen replacements, the color temperature may differ. The repair parts offered by the fix2u may be new or refurbished. Whichever the case, all the spare parts are covered by fix2u five-year comprehensive cover. You should leave the choosing decision to the phone repair Canberra experts.


You should also note that some buttons may fail to operate correctly after the repair. Normally, the home buttons and the touch Id button are most likely to be affected. This problem is not covered by the fix2u warranty cover since however much the technician becomes carefully, they are still at risk of getting damaged.