This writes up is for you if have ever erroneously thrown your mobile phone to a laundry sink or bathroom or pool!Everyone thinks when it happens; it requires replacement with a fresh phone. That is exactly what happens when you don’t know of the simple methods of saving your phone!Do you know that replacing it may endanger your valuable documents, images, videos, and applications? If you have adequate knowledge of all the events behind this, there are chances that you could save your mobile phone. You should know the logic behind the impact of water on the mobile phone and how it could spoil the inside phone.

Water corrosion, which is the breakdown of the metal by a chemical reaction via the atmosphere, is the most visible cause of phone damages. Corrosion can happen in a few hours or days,so how quickly it occurs depends on the moisture stages, how long the mobile phone has been submerged underwater or how the mobile phone was produced! Tag along for some vital tips to help you!

Water Damage Can Occur On Different Telephone Parts

Each telephone board is a very complex element and includes a lot of small components. So, if one portion of the element is demolished, it can also have an unpleasant impact on other components.As a result of such consequences, the phone can stop functioning. Water could also destroy the phone’s screen when water sneaks between the back light and the LCD. You could only notice this when your mobile screen displays a big water spot. Other elements of the phone, such as the charging port and the headphone jack, are specifically susceptible to water destruction too. When this happens, repair or substitution will be needed.

Steps You Could Take To Save Your Water Damaged Phone

There are some quick steps you need to take to avoid water damage on your phone. They include the following;

  • Once it’s soaked in water, get it out rapidly to prevent any damage, because if it’s soaked for too long, the phone has zero percent of regeneration.
  • Avoid pressing to verify if it still works
  • Detach all removable parts from your phone, including; battery, Sim card, memory cards, etc.
  • Spread them on top of paper towels so that surplus water can be wiped out
  • Ensure that there is no water remaining by drying your phone with a paper towel. It might lead to phone corrosion.
  • Avoid shaking your phone to avoid getting water into your phone
  • Dry with rubbing alcohol to displace water
  • Avoid using a hairdryer that may push water further inside
  • Do not attempt a vacuum cleaner if you are unable to use it efficiently because it may result in static electricity. And the condition will worsen.
  • Silica gel as a drying agent is better than uncooked rice.

Follow these measures properly as your first aid! To wrap it up, get the assistance of a phone repairer!