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Why use us?

We the gold coast giants are the number one iphone screen repairs. We can boost of repairing millions of iphone since they commenced operation in 2008. We utilize high-grade OEM ad genuine parts. We ensure that our work has a guarantee. We recommend two hours of repair, so as to give you a hundred percent finishing. We examine everything! We are the sole gold cost repairs who will log in the phone repair data electronically for references in the future. We offer our clients a constant price drop on every iPhone screen restoration. Our offers and deals will enable to save. To add to the bonus, you will avail a tempered-glass screen guard free of charge!

Our other services

Have you heard of our cost reporting, inspection, and phone damage services? The gold coast iPhone giants can arrange these services for any insurance company at affordable fees. Just contact us if that phone was damaged beyond repair. Do you know what? You don’t need to be scared about the fee as we could claim it from your phone insurance agreement which means a zero cost for you!