Is there a problem with your iPhone? If yes, you should visit Fix2u, certified by Apple to see where the fault comes from. In every crook and corner of the globe, the Apple store has professionals to make sure all iPhone users can repair the devices. They are amazing repairers who do their job perfectly to the greatest standard. They all have apple experience and have had apple training so you shouldn’t be afraid, but it’s in excellent hands relaxed. Send the iPhone to Fix2U is all you need to do. The technicians will provide you with a perfect iPhone repair at a very affordable price, and in a few days, you’ll get your iPhone ready. Do not hesitate to give them your phone, as they will provide you with the precise high-quality service through apple components. The apple portal supports iPhone repairs.


You may be working on your iPhone screen crack in an apple shop in your region, apple service permitted or distributed to an apple repair center. If you have a plan for apple care+, you could use it to cover the repair of the screen.

All these apple repair sites use initial apple components to make sure their customer’s iPhone screen operates just like fresh ones after they repair it. You can get the same thing from your phone because some of the locations offer service on the same day.

Battery replacement

If your iPhone battery is replaced by an Apple approved service supplier, you can send it to an apple repair center or an apple store. Locations were permitted to use initial and genuine parts of the iPhone. This is some of the details you should know about the replacement of the battery, the Apple Limited Warranty includes a battery that stops working fine or fails to produce a defect, but it does not envelop batteries that wear out of normal use. The battery repair charge is based on your iPhone repair model and if the issue is included in the warranty, an Apple Care plan, or consumer law.

Other iPhone repairs

These are some iPhone problems that make it difficult for you to use your iPhone. These other repairs to the iPhone can be problems like liquid harm, home button, boot button, battery or accessory.

  • It was not caused by wrong harm and it is covered with warranty, Apple care+ or consumer legislation, you would not be prosecuted at all.
  • If you receive iPhone harm and you have client legislation (apple care+), the exposure includes two distinct types of error and harm occurrences. Each of these events has an additional amount or cost.
  • For those iPhone users who do not have an apple care+, the cost of their phone repair will vary depending on the out-of-guarantee charge.

Genuine Parts

There are genuine apple parts in the apple store. For a quality repair, these genuine parts are serious. Visit their places and use real and original iPhone components to repair your iPhone.