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Getting Started

Please click here to view the fix2U fast-track on-boarding process.

Access the fix2U Technical guide here.

Access the Customer Service guide here.

Access the fix2U Systems guide here.

For information on how fix2U is handling the COVID-19 situation please see our public blog post on the issue, as well as information on how to conduct “Zero Contact Repairs”.

Marketing Support

Each location that fix2U operates in has its own Google Places entry. For example, by searching on Google for “fix2u sydney” the Google Places card will appear on the right of the search results showing information about fix2U, photos, opening times, and other useful information. Also shown are the Google Reviews that fix2U have received for that particular location.

Everytime a repair is completed, the customer is immediately sent an SMS with a link to review fix2U. Their review will go against the applicable fix2U location, so a repair completed in Melbourne will go against the fix2U Melbourne Google Places entry.

We strongly recommend letting your customers know at the end of the repair that they will receive a request for a review and that it’s really valuable for us to receive their feedback.

Good quality google reviews have a very significant impact on SEO and will help in generating more traffic and bookings for your area.

to be completed

Access the fix2U Gumtree Ad Guide here.

The fix2U print portal allows you to purchase marketing materials such as flyers, business cards and magnetic car decals.

From time to time, fix2U will run special promotions and offers. These offers usually take the form of a booking coupon that customers can use to get access to the offer. Wherever possible, fix2U aims to ensure that individual repairers don’t loose out as a result of a customer taking up an offer. For example, if an offer gives the customer a free tempered glass screen protector with their screen repair, you are able to claim back the screen protector using the Repair Hero Claim Form.

The fix2U booking form supports the following coupon types

  1. Free add-on (typically this is tempered glass)
  2. $xx off your booking
  3. xx% off your booking

If you are interested in running your own offer, or would like to create a special coupon for your friends, family or local business – please get in contact with us and we will create a unique coupon for you.

Vehicle signage is a powerful way for people in your local area to learn about the fix2U service. We spoke to the national marketing manager for a very well known Australian franchise, and they indicated vehicle signage was in the top three sources for getting new business.

One affordable option is a read window decal for your car. The cost is approximately $300 to$400 and fix2U will subsidise 50% of the cost in the event you decide to have signage added to your car, up to a maximum of $250.

Another cost effective solution are the fix2U car magnets, which you can purchase from the fix2U print portal.

Repair Jobs

General public (also know as “retail” jobs) currently form the bulk of the repairs booked via the fix2U network.

Here are the key points to remember regarding repairs to the general public

  • Customers are provided with a repair price at the time of booking. In the majority of cases, your repair fee should exactly match the amount quoted by the booking form.
  • In the event other repairs are required to the device, please discuss this with your customer, agree that the work should go ahead, and agree a price for those additional repairs. We typically recommend an uplift of around $39 to $49 for additional repairs but you may use your discretion depending on the price of the parts and the amount of time involved to complete the extra work.
  • If the customer has other devices to be repaired, these must be noted explicitly in the SWIFT notes on the job in order that they may receive a warranty for the additional devices.
  • If the customer has another device to be repaired that fix2U currently do not repair, we do not recommend you offer to repair it “on the side”, as the customer typically comes back to fix2U in the event of issues, even though fix2U is not responsible for that repair. This leads to confusion and frustration for the customer.
  • For repairs to the general public, you are responsible for taking payment for the repair. We recommend credit card or cash as the primary mechanism for collecting payment, although you may wish to utilise other payment services at your discretion. The focus, however, should be on a quick and seamless experience for the customer. We strongly suggest that you do not leave the premises with a promise of future payment.
  • General public bookings are covered by the fix2U Booking Terms and Conditions. A link to these conditions is made available to the customer after they have completed their job booking.

Need to complete a job for a friend or family member? You are free to complete the repair using fix2U parts, but if your friend wants to take advantage of the fix2U five year warranty, the original repair must be booked via the fix2U booking form, so that we have a record of completing that repair for that customer.

If you complete this type of repair, please drop Customer Service a line to let them know that the Success Fee should not be charged on that job, and they will make the necessary arrangements.

For the low-down on corporate jobs, see The Corporate Jobs Overview page.

Looking for the Repair Hero Claim Form? It’s available at

Customers who have a problem related to a repair completed by us will complete the fix2U warranty form, unless the failure is reported to us within four hours of the repair, in which case the job will be deemed as a “failed repair” (see section on failed repairs for more information). A link to this form is available in the footer of the fix2U website.

If a customer contacts you directly regarding warranty coverage, please direct them to this form in the first instance, and explain that warranty requests must be approved by HQ before you can take any action.

When fix2U received the customer’s warranty claim they will take the customer through a short process to confirm the claim is valid and covered by the fix2U warranty.

Once the warranty is approved, a new job will be dispatched on GetSwift. After this, the process for Warranty Jobs is almost identical to Corporate Jobs, so please review this section on the portal for more details.

In the event that a customer contacts us within four hours of a completed repair to report an issue with a repaired device , the job will be deemed as a failed repair, rather than a warranty repair.

In such situations, the customer will be informed that the Repair Hero will contact them to arrange a re-visit to attempt to rectify the problem. Re-visiting the customer should be given a very high level of priority, even if this requires postponing other scheduled repair jobs. fix2U will not pay a warranty fee to you for this re-visit but will supply replacement parts in the event that they are required.

A new swift job will not be raised in such situations. Customer service will supply you with full contact details of the customer should these be needed.

As a reminder, please make every effort to ensure that the device repaired is fully working and fully tested using the fix2U 12 point check before leaving the customer to minimise the likelihood of failed repairs.

Exceptions to this policy will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


fix2U repair parts, repair tools and apparel can be purchased from the fix2U store, available at

A quick-link to the store is available in the footer of the fix2U website.

Some key points for using the store

  • You can find parts by device/model by using the drop down menu e.g. “iPhone 7”
  • You can find parts by type  by selecting “All iPhones” from the menu, and then using the sidebar to select type “Battery”
  • You can find parts by using the search feature at the top right of the store
  • Make sure you are logged in using you fix2U store account to ensure you receive a discount on our purchases. You can tell your discounts are active if there are orange “SAVE $.$$” boxes against the products. Please contact fix2U if you do not seem to be receiving a discount and you are logged into the store.
  • Afterpay is available as a checkout option at the fix2U store, allowing you to spread the cost of payments (interest free) over four equal instalments.

Part shipping is via AusPost. Orders received before 4pm will be dispatched same-day.

We offer 3 shipping methods from our dispatch centre in Sydney

  • Express post. Parcel will arrive the following working day as long as your postcode is in the Express Post network. You may need to check with your local post office to determine if your postcode is in the express network. If you live in a suburb not in the express network, there may be an option to use a parcel locker in the CBD, which is in the network. NOTE: Lithium batteries can not be sent via express post
  • Parcel post. Parcel will arrive in 2-4 days depending on your location.
  • Self Collect. You may collect your order in person from our centrally located dispatch centre in Sydney.

Orders with a value of over $350 are eligible for FREE SHIPPING! Just select the relevant option at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

fix2U utilise a number of systems and processes to maintain part quality and ensure the customer always receives a genuine fix2U part.

This includes:

Small fix2U sticker on inside/rear of the screen. This security sticker identifies the screen as being supplied by fix2U. Coded dots on the sticker uniquely identify which batch the screen belongs to. Do not attempt to remove this sticker.

Holographic fix2U sticker on the transparent disposable screen film. This sticker notifies our customers that they are receiving a screen supplied by fix2U. We inform our customers after they have booked to check that this sticker is in place on their new screen so they can be confident that they are receiving a part supplied by fix2U. PLEASE NOTE that you must not remove the screen film carrying the sticker on behalf of the customer. If you need to test the screen, peel back the protective film but be sure to reapply it once testing is completed.  In the event that a customer requests a tempered glass installation, please be sure to remove the screen film and re-apply it to their screen once the tempered glass is fitted.

In addition to these security measures, fix2U employ a number of other checks and processes to ensure that only parts supplied by fix2U are used to repair our customer’s devices.

The following corporate clients have elected to use OEM grade iPhone screens for their repairs.

When completing a repair for these clients, you will need to arrange for fix2U to send you a OEM grade screen to complete the repair.

  • Caesarstone
  • Delaware North
  • Delv / Metro Trains
  • Forever New
  • Gate Gourmet
  • GJ&K Cleaning Services
  • Guide Dogs Victoria
  • McConnell Dowell Constructors
  • Melbourne Grammar School
  • Melbourne Stadiums (Marvel)
  • Melton Secondary School
  • Mite 10 (“Independent Hardware Group”)
  • Mirvac
  • Orora Packaging
  • Pace Development Group
  • Peerless Foods
  • Probuild Construction
  • Roberts Pizzarotti
  • Seek
  • Sportsbet
  • Star21
  • St Simons Primary School
  • Spirit Of Tasmania  (TT-Line Company Pty Ltd)
  • UNSW

List last updated 2-Mar-2020

Policies and Procedures

Booking Terms and Conditions are made available to the customer after booking. A link is also available on the footer of the fix2U website.

Details of the fix2U warranty terms can be found here. A link to the warranty terms is available in the footer of the fix2U website.

All warranty requests are initially handled by the fix2U Customer Service team. There is a link to create a warranty request at the bottom of the warranty page, as well as on the “Contact Us” page. If your customer contacts you about warranty service please direct them to these pages.

Once a warranty request is approved by fix2U, it is dispatched to SWIFT as a warranty job. See the “Repair Jobs” section on this page for more information on warranty jobs.

You must, without exception, complete all fix2U repairs using repair parts and accessories purchased from fix2U. Without part sales revenue, fix2U would cease to exist, and we would no longer be able to operate the fix2U network for you, our customers or other Repair Heroes.

Unfortunately we have had to terminate our relationship with a number of repairers in the past due to non-observance of this policy. We have in some cases also pursued legal action against certain individuals. As a reminder, the Repair Hero contract stipulates that fix2U are legally entitled to liquidated damages of $250 per device repaired with non-fix2U parts.

fix2U have a number of sophisticated processes in place to ensure compliance to this policy and checks are completed on a very regular basis.

The following procedure needs to be followed in the event you are completing a repair involving a badly swollen or damaged battery

STOP. Do NOT attempt to remove the battery
– request from the customer a safe/appropriate location to complete the battery removal (utility area, basement, outside area etc.)
– if no safe location is made available, either do not repair the device, or make arrangements to repair the device off-site and bring the device back on your next visit

Fireproof lithium battery bags are also available for purchase from the fix2U store. These bags can be used to safely transport new and used batteries.


The fix2U Tookan app will dispatch jobs to the Repair network seconds after the booking is made.

Tookan will then notify the closest online Repair Hero to the repair job. At that time, the job is exclusive to that Repairer.

If the job is not accepted after a preset time, Tookan will notify the next closest online Repair Hero. This process continues, until the job is accepted.

It is therefore important to ACCEPT the job in Tookan as quickly as you can. Do note that ACCEPTING a job does not mean that you are committed to do that job.

By clicking ACCEPT an SMS & Email is sent to the customer to let them know something is happening with their Repair request, and we know that they are less likely to try and find an alternative repair solution – meaning less cancellations for you.

After you click ACCEPT, call the customer – within 30 minutes – to discuss the job.

If you can’t do the job after Clicking ACCEPT and calling the customer – please let Customer Service know via Slack – they will cancel the job or give it to another Repair Hero!

So remember to:
Click Accept, then Call,
Click Accept, then Call,
Click Accept, then Call!

An invoice for Success Fees will be sent to you on a weekly basis to cover all completed jobs in the previous period. There are no Success Fees on corporate jobs or warranty jobs. Success Fee invoices should be paid online, by the due date.

Attached to your invoice you will find a detailed report showing all jobs you have completed for the previous period. The report also includes warranty and corporate jobs.

As of August 2018 the Success Fee is $14.95 (ex. GST) per completed job.

The broken screen you remove from a customer’s phone can in most cases be recycled. You can therefore take your broken screens to a screen recycler who will offer you cash in return for your screens. To get the most cash for your screens, the broken screen should ideally be an original screen as supplied by Apple, and the LCD needs to be in good condition with no marks or dots.

You may elect to use any screen recycler, but we have teamed up with WeBuyLCD to provide a special offer that’s only available for fix2U Repair Heroes.

5 Simple Steps To Recycling With WeBuyLCD:

  1. Drop your box of LCD’s into your local Australia Post Office
  2. Attach the “Reply Paid’ label (we cover the freight charges for 40+ LCD’s) *Reply Paid Label attached. Click Here to download the label.
  3. Add the “signature on delivery” option so we can track your shipment
  4. The WeBuyLCD Recycling Centre will provide you with a fully itemised LCD report
  5. WeBuyLCD will transfer your funds the same day you request payment

*Extra 5% buyback payout for incoming shipments of 85+ LCD’s.

For current recycle rates, please check the WeBuyLCD website at

The Repair Hero Claim Form (RHCF) is available at

Useful Links

Calculating and paying income tax is the responsibility of each Repair Hero. You may wish to employ the services of a local accountant or book-keeper who will be able to submit a tax return on your behalf, usually for a fixed annual fee. One other option is which is a self-service option for a low annual fee, and it specifically designed for sole traders and freelancers. Use code “fix2ufree” to get a free credit of $49 when signing up.

Airtax also provide free ABN setup.

Incentives and Offers

fix2U offer a cash referral for any corporate clients that you introduce to fix2U and who subsequently sign a corporate repair agreement. The referral fee we pay is based on the below:

5-10 devices repaired in first 3 months : $100
11-15 devices repaired in first 3 months : $175
16-25 or more devices repaired in first 3 months : $300
26 or more devices repaired in the first 3 months : $500