Yes, fix2U can repair broken back glass for both iPhone and Samsung phones.

For iPhone, our repair process differs slightly depending on whether you’ve chosen a ‘come to you’ repair at your home or office, or whether you are mailing your device to fix2U for repair via our ZeroFuss mail-in process.

For ‘Come To You’ repairs – this repair involves replacing the entire ‘chassis’ of your phone. As well as changing the rear glass, we will also change your entire iPhone housing (the metal part of the phone). The added benefit of this repair is that if you currently have a scratched or dented housing, this will be replaced with a brand new housing. This is one of the most time consuming repairs we do, and you should expect the repair to take between 1 – 1.5 hours.

For Mail-In repairs – fix2U will use a special process to remove the broken rear glass on your device using a blue laser. A new sheet of replacement glass is then bonded to your device. The price for this repair is significantly lower than for the housing replacement as the labour involved in the repair is significantly less when compared to a complete chassis replacement.