Yes we can! If your phone is immersed in water or other liquid, it’s very important that you act as quickly as possible. Switch your device off if possible and book a repair immediately. Water damage is best repaired within 48 hours of the incident.

The repair process
For iphones with water damage, your fix2U Repair Hero will open your phone, remove any excess water, and thoroughly clean the circuit board and all connectors with isopropyl alcohol. In most cases a replacement battery will be required, and in some cases, a replacement screen.
Time required
Water damage repairs take around 30 to 40 minutes to complete.
Typical cost
A successful water damage repair is not guaranteed. Your Repair Hero will charge you a non-refundable liquid damage inspection fee of $69 to cover the cost of our time and labour to inspect your phone. However, in the event that we are able to successfully repair your liquid damaged device, we will waive the inspection fee, and you will only be charged for the parts and labour required to repair your device.
Water damage repairs are specifically excluded from our 5 year warranty. Although we have successfully completed hundreds of water damaged repairs, lasting results cannot be guaranteed.