No problem – we can still fix it! A phone screen is composed of three separate layers that together form a single ‘screen assembly’. This includes the display panel (also called the LCD or OLED panel), a touch sensitive layer, and finally a sheet of glass. When your phone is dropped onto a hard surface, one or more of these layers can be damaged. Sometimes, broken pieces of glass will damage the LCD or OLED layer of the screen, which results in inky splodges on the display, or vertical lines running from top to bottom.

Rather than simply replacing the broken glass layer, fix2U’s phone screen repair process involves replacing the entire screen assembly with a brand new one, which means you don’t need to worry if your display panel has been damaged as it will be completely replaced with a new screen assembly during the repair. As it’s quicker and simpler to replace the entire screen assembly, it also means we can perform your phone repair for you very quickly – typically in under 20 minutes.