From hugging absolute strangers to selling your friendship, you can earn a living doing almost anything these days.

While it is the peculiar that is often featured in headlines, along with the obvious Uber and AirBNB money-makers, a new generation of ‘side-hustlers’ are using their professional skillset to top up their bank account.

Whether it is using their IT knowledge to fix an iPhone or drawing on communications experience to offer PR and media support, people are eliminating financial woes by doing what they are best at.

One such business offering Aussies the opportunity to earn a few extra dollars is Sydney headquartered startup fix2U – Australia’s only nation-wide phone repair callout service which aims to remove the stress of mobile phone repairs.

The business employs everyday people with a variety of backgrounds, known as Repair Heroes, who are able to recover and restore cherished gadgets in less than half an hour at the convenience of the customer at any location.

The Repair Heroes are all certified repair technicians and get all the freedoms of being their own boss, including choosing which clients and projects they take on and what hours they work.

“There was a lady in the UK who became a professional cuddler, earning up to AU$2,100 a week for serving up hugs.  Another website,, claims you can make up to $50 an hour on their platform by selling your companionship,” says fix2U cofounder Rex Scrivener.

“However, not everyone wants a side-hustle that involves the weird and wacky.  Those looking to make extra income outside their 9-5 job are now looking within themselves and using their professional training and expertise to lower financial stress.”

fix2U Repair Heroes are all fully trained and customers in their area are connected directly with them online similar to the Uber model.  They all have access to fix2U’s nationwide customer base, professional marketing materials, certification programme, premium tools, guaranteed parts and a support system at headquarters.

“Not everybody wants to be a taxi driver or rent out their home in an attempt to make extra cash.  Instead, they want to use the skills and talent they have built up over their studies and career and use their professional passion as a motivator for a side-hustle,” says Scrivener.

And it appears more and more Aussies are taking up a side-hustle with a recent study by freelance listing site, Upwork, suggesting 4.1 million Australians are embracing contract work as a way to earn extra cash, with another 746,000 earning a salary and freelancing on the side.

Other Aussie business giving people the opportunity to ignite a professional side-hustle include:

  • Pummel – a new mobile app loaded with the best personal trainers, health coaches, fitness and wellness experts in your area and nearby.
  • HiPages – a mobile app that creates a professional web presences for Australian trade professionals and distributes leads and jobs to its database of tradies.
  • Upwork – a website where you can find a range of top talent, including programmers, designers, writers and customer support reps.