Australia’s only nationwide mobile phone and tablet repair business that travels to you and repairs your device on the spot.

fix2U launched its unique and innovative ‘Come To You’ repair service in 2015, initially serving the Sydney Metro area.

Our service proved to be a huge hit with our customers, and today fix2U has expanded to cover over 9 locations across Australia and has completed over 30,000 phone and tablet repairs to date.

Simply tell us what’s wrong with your phone or tablet, choose a time & place, and we’ll bring the fix2U!

Our nationwide phone repair service was built from the ground up to be the fastest and most convenient way to get your device repaired. Our certified and vetted Repair Heroes travel to your home, office or even your favourite cafe to fix your phone on the spot in less than 30 minutes. Repairs are backed by fix2U’s market-leading five year guarantee.

Over 80 of Australia’s largest companies and best known brands rely on fix2U for their device repairs. We have extensive experience providing repair services in the corporate sector, and our clients tell us that they significantly reduce their costs and increase their operational efficiency by switching to our unique service.

  • REDUCED EMPLOYEE DOWNTIME : Your employees’ devices are repaired on-site within hours of a breakage – minimising the impact on their productivity.
  • HASSLE FREE SERVICE : Our same-day on-site service eliminates all the hassle associated with traditional device repair, such as sending and receiving devices off-site and arranging temporary phones for employees.
  • DATA SECURITY : All fix2U device repairs are undertaken at your office giving you complete peace of mind that your business data stays safe and on-site at all times.

View our Corporate Phone Repair Service page for more information.

fix2U provide on-site iPad repair for schools, universities and other educational establishments nationwide. Get repairs done in hours not weeks at a fraction of the effort and cost.

fix2U’s nationwide network of tech-savvy Repair Heroes are available for more than just phone and tablet repairs. If your business needs access to our nationwide network of technicians for your device deployment, installation, or repair project – please contact us to see how we can help.




Device Repairs In Under 30 Minutes

Same Day Service

85% of our repairs are completed same day, with most repairs taking under 30 minutes.


Friendly, Professional Repair Heroes

At Your Service

Our Repair Heroes are always friendly, professional and courteous.


Your Phone Or Tablet Fixed On The Spot

5 Year Guarantee

All repairs are backed by fix2U’s market leading 5 year guarantee.


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