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The role of mobile phones and tablets is increasingly central to modern workplace productivity; both of the individual and the organisation as a whole. That’s why the sector devoted to the leasing, managing and servicing of these devices is a rapidly growing one. And that’s what makes fix2U a perfect “partner partner”.

fix2U is a turnkey outsourced provider, able to handle all repair and renewal-related activity. Moreover, we can do it in a way that guarantees the highest possible level of client and end user satisfaction by getting fully repaired and/or renewed devices back to work as quickly as possible. We minimise device downtime and maximise end user efficiency, greatly benefiting you, your clients and your end users.

Partners we work with include:

Our nationwide phone repair service was built from the ground up to deliver exceptionally fast turnaround times for repairs right across Australia. To do this, we’ve developed a range of in-house custom technology solutions that ensures we are able to have the right technicians, and the right parts, in the right place at the right time.

We work with a range of different partners in the telco, insurance and IT spaces. Our partners leverage fix2U’s unique capabilities to deliver a fast, convenient and cost-effective repair service to their customers.

We know that customers find mail-in repair services challenging. As well as the inconvenience of being without their device for an extended period of time, the typical mail-in repair process can be a real hassle. Filling forms, finding packaging, printing postage labels and slow turnaround times from repair centres all add to the headache.

With these challenges in mind, fix2U developed its ZeroFuss™ Mail-In process. Once fix2U receives a mail-in booking (via a custom form or API call to our system), we’ll automatically send the customer an e-mail containing a special code that they can show counter staff at an Australia Post outlet. The counter staff will then provide custom packaging, with a pre-paid and pre-addressed postage label. All the customer needs to do is place their device in the supplied packaging and the parcel will be lodged and be on its way to our repair centre. No costs are incurred by the customer. It’s as simple as that.

Once devices reach our Sydney repair centre, they will be repaired within one business day and then sent back to the customer.

fix2U’s ZeroFuss™ mail-in process is fast and cost-effective way for you to provide repair services to your customers right across Australia.

fix2U don’t just repair, we can also renew. fix2U have built one of Australia’s only commercial-scale mobile phone screen polishing facilities. Using specialist machinery, our screen polishing process can remove scratches from mobile phone and smart watch screens, restoring the screen back to a factory-new condition. This service is ideal for device wholesalers looking to maximise the resale value of their stock.

Our screen polishing and device refurbishment services include:

  • front screen and rear glass polish for Apple iPhone devices
  • front screen polish for all major makes and models of smartphones
  • Apple Watch scratch removal
  • back cover / rear glass replacement for Samsung

Contact us today to learn more and to arrange a demonstration.

fix2U have extensive experience partnering with organisations who require an efficient and cost-effective solution for managing both the dispatch and return of consumer technology products.

Our services include

  • eCommerce order fulfilment
  • Kitting & boxing of devices
  • Managing warranty returns
  • Device inspection and automated functional testing
  • Secure erasure services
  • Device repair and refurbishment

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