New versions of iPhones feature superb-quality cameras capable of taking professional grade, high-definition photos and videos. However, nothing is perfect in this world, and these cameras are no exception seeing as “why isn’t my camera working on iPhone?” is one of the most common issues that customers approach us with. We understand how frustrating it is to have this amazing piece of technology malfunction suddenly, but sometimes there are quick fixes. We’ve prepared some DIY tips you should try when your iPhone camera is not working before seeking out a Repair Hero for help.

Why isn’t my iPhone camera working?

The iPhone camera is an amalgamation of hardware and software, and it’s important first to identify where the problem lies. Generally speaking, it is a hardware problem if the problem is limited to a single aspect of the camera functionality and a software problem if the iPhone camera is not working at all.

My iPhone Camera Won’t Work: Tackle the hardware issues first

Tip 1: Clean the camera lens

A quick wipe with some clean microfibre cloth can solve blurriness or focus problems.

Tip 2: Check that your phone is not overheated

Overheating of your device can cause malfunction across all features, not just the camera. If you see a message on your iPhone screen telling you it needs to cool down, turn it off. Even if you don’t see this message, it is still a good idea to power off the device when it feels too warm to touch. If your iPhone suffers from repeated overheating, contact us for an iPhone repair or replacement.

My iPhone Camera Won’t Work: Fix the iPhone camera not working due to software issues

Tip 1: Close the camera app

Sometimes the problem simply is that the camera app on your iPhone failed to load properly, resulting in a black screen problem, for instance. Firstly, try switching between the front and rear of the camera by tapping on the camera icon in your app. If that doesn’t work, quit the camera app. This is one of the first ‘tests’ you should perform.

Tip 2: Try other video apps like FaceTime or Snapchat

Switch between the front and rear cameras here as well to further test the camera problem.

Tip 3: Turn off the ‘voice-over’ feature

For a black screen issue, in particular, you’ll be surprised to hear that the voice-over feature is quite often the cause. Go to Setting General Accessibility and turn OFF the ‘Voice-over’ feature. Wait a while before relaunching the camera app to see if it works.

Turn off the voice-over feature on iPhone

Tip 4: Restart the device

Restarting your iPhone clears the temporary memory of any errors or hung-up apps and resets the power cycle of the device. You’ll be surprised how many problems are fixed by simply turning off your iPhone and back on.

Tip 5: Update the iOS software

One of the causes of iPhone camera problems can be an outdated or unstable version of iOS. Updates to the camera app are often included in the regular Apple iOS updates. Go to Setting General Software Update. If the latest version of iOS is available, you can tap on the ‘Update & Download’ of the ‘Install Now’ button to update your device to a stable version; this might just solve the camera problem you’re having.Update the iOS software

Tip 6: Reset your iPhone to the default setting without erasing your content

You may have unknowingly changed some settings on your iPhone, or another app you downloaded may have done so without your knowledge, which might be why your iPhone camera is not working. Resetting your iPhone to default settings will eliminate these changes and may fix your camera issues. With iPhones, you have the option to reset settings without losing your data, photos, and other personal documents by going to Setting General Reset Reset All Settings. Bear in mind that if you select ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ instead, you will lose all data, photos, and documents, so it might be a good idea to back up all your data before performing this step.

Reset your iPhone to the default setting without erasing your content

None of the tips above worked. What do I do?

If, after going through all of the outlined steps above, you’re still left wondering, ‘why won’t my iPhone camera work?’, then one of our fix2U repair heroes can come to your aid. We travel to your location of choice and repair or replace your iPhone camera at a lower rate than the Apple Service store. We use high-quality, factory-assemble parts that are of the equivalent specification to Apple and sourced from the same countries that manufacture and refurbish their parts. It will certainly be cheaper than buying a new phone. Book a same-day iPhone repair with us so we can get your life back. If we don’t have a repair hero available in your location, we will offer you a same-day Express Mail-in Repair service with free return shipping.

Back up and running!

Hopefully, these troubleshooting tips helped solve your iPhone camera issues, and you can get back to taking clear, professional photos. Next time your iPhone camera won’t work or has a black screen, you’ll know how to fix the problem. 

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