fix2U Warranty Claim

Guarantee Exclusions

The following items are specifically excluded from the fix2U Five Year Guarantee

  • Any subsequent accidental damage to the device after we have completed your repair
  • Operational or mechanical failure of the device (or part thereof) caused by an unexpected or unintentional external event (e.g. dropping the device or placing undue pressure and/or force on the device as a result from mishandling)
  • Water/liquid damaged phones
  • Any software related issues
  • Faults not relating to the original repair done (e.g. if we replace the charging port the guarantee would not cover a faulty power button)
  • Loss of data (always ensure you backup your device before getting your device repaired)
  • Subsequent repair or inspection by a third party
  • Any pre-existing issues that were evident prior to the original repair
  • Any issues or problems relating to phone features and functions that we were not able to verify as being fully operational prior to our repair (for example, because the device was not charged, or the passcode to the device was not provided)
  • Jailbroken devices
  • Any repairs that are not booked via our booking form at
  • A non-working Touch ID or Face ID sensor (for more information, see the section on biometric sensors in our Booking Terms & Conditions)
  • Batteries are classified as a consumable item and are not covered under the five year guarantee. fix2U will however provide a three month warranty on battery replacements.
  • Any board-level repairs (e.g. iPhone 7 Audio IC repair) are not covered under the fix2U Five Year Guarantee. Your repairer will confirm what warranty will be provided for these types of repairs (typically 90 days)
  • Screen protectors are classified as a consumable item and may get damaged or chipped in daily use, and are not covered under the five year guarantee.
  • Screen replacements performed to devices with a bent frame/chassis may subsequently see problems with the screen “lifting” from the frame after extended use, particularly with tablet devices. If your device frame/chassis is bent, you will be informed at the time of your repair that fix2U will not provide a warranty on devices that subsequently exhibit screen lifting. If you decide to proceed with a repair on a device with a bent frame/chassis, we highly recommend fitting a case to the device that includes a lip that covers the screen to reduce the likelihood of the screen lifting in the future.
  • Devices that have already been repaired two (2) times under warranty.

How To Make A Claim

Please complete this short form to lodge your guarantee claim and we will reply to you within one business day. We may, at our discretion, require your device to be sent to our service centre for inspection prior to the guarantee claim being approved. Any subsequent accidental damage that occurs to the phone following receipt of the guarantee claim will not be the responsibility of fix2U.