Phones, tablets, and other mobile devices are simply essential to get things done in a modern work environment. Which makes it all the more difficult when those devices break.

Employees can’t get the same work done at the pace they expect – and that slowdown is made worse by the fact they need to send devices away for repairs that often take weeks.

So they often attempt these types of, frankly, poor repair solutions:

  • Attempting repairs through various third party services. You can never be quite sure of the quality of these services, and the cost can also vary – meaning businesses can’t plan appropriately.
  • Sending repairs to telcos or the manufacturer to conduct the repairs. These repairs can often take days, weeks, or in some cases, months if the repair schedule hasn’t been coordinated correctly. They are also extremely costly, particularly for repairs to non-standard items such as button replacements or fixing charging or audio problems.
  • Attempting repairs themselves. In some cases, companies with IT departments may attempt to conduct repairs themselves. This is risky, especially if the person conducting the repairs isn’t properly trained into how to conduct repairs.

These three options also carry a tremendous amount of risk:

Data security

With confidential company information now off-site, businesses don’t have full certainty or oversight as to who is handling their devices, which networks they might be connected to, or what they’ve been used for.

Temporary devices

These have to be given to staff to conduct their work – but without full oversight as to who has handled these devices, it can be risky to use corporate materials on those same devices.

Time and effort

Admin staff have to spend time actually coordinating repairs, made worse by the fact they might have to deal with different manufacturers or telcos every time.

There’s a much easier way to fix these problems: hire a third-party repair company to conduct all repairs on site.

Not only does a landmark ruling from the ACCC now allow these third party repairs to take place without harming your warranty, there are several reasons why on-site repair is the better option.

#1. Cheaper

It can be prohibitively expensive to repair devices through a telco or manufacturer. On site repair providers can be hundreds of dollars lower for equivalent repairs.

#2. Faster

Mobile devices can sometimes takes days or weeks to repair. In many cases on-site repairs are completed on the same day, and organising is easier with a dedicated online booking process.

This also means you don’t need to replace mobile devices with temporary ones, ensuring employees can continue working as normal and disruptions are minimal.

#3. Ongoing service

Instead of having to find new providers every time, or find the provider for the right situation, on-site repairs can give you consistent service that you can expect and plan for.

#4. Everything remains on site

With every device remaining on site during repair, employers can be assured their security is completely intact.

#5. Single vendor and payment account

Accounts payable only need to work with one provider instead of several, ensuring ease of use and minimal effort to manage a single account. No more chasing multiple accounts.

Why not use fix2U?

Operating in multiple locations across Australia, fix2U is the leading provider of on-site mobile device repair.

Simply book online, pay less than you would for a telco or manufacturer offering the same service, and get your repairs done on the same day.


  • No setup costs
  • 30-day payment terms so cashflow doesn’t take a hit
  • A five year repair warranty

To read more about fix2U’s nationwide corporate on-premise repair service, or to make an enquiry on how to start using the fix2U service, simply click here.