fix2U Repair Parts – Are they Genuine?

This is a very common question, particularly as there is a lot of confusing (and often misleading) information put forward by phone repair companies!

At fix2U, we continuously work to source the best quality parts available on the market at the best possible prices, so that we can deliver high quality repairs at very competitive rates. In fact, we are so confident about the quality of our repair parts that we offer a 5 Year Guarantee on our repairs. If you need any more convincing, check out some of our customer reviews – we have over 1,000 on Google, and also on where our customers regularly comment on the quality of our repairs.

Worried about losing your manufacturer’s warranty by repairing with fix2U? Don’t worry – the rules have changed, and repairing with fix2U will not affect your warranty. To learn more, click here.

Being totally transparent regarding how we source our repair parts is also very important to us – and to this end we have summarised where we source our parts from below

Genuine iPhone replacement screens are not made available to third party repairers such as fix2U. If you are offered a ‘genuine’ Apple screen from another repairer, please note that you will be receiving a used, refurbished screen rather than a brand new factory-assembled screen.

As a third party repairer, fix2U has the freedom to source its own high quality, brand new, factory assembled iPhone screens that are of an equivalent specification to Apple. In most cases, key components of the screen assembly, such as the LCD panel, are actually the same part from the same manufacturer as those used by Apple. These parts are commonly referred to as ‘OEM’ or Original Equipment Manufacturer specification.

fix2U launched in Australia in 2015, and since that time, our team have worked continuously with both domestic and international suppliers to source the very best parts on the market. What’s more, as one of the largest repair services in Australia, our buying power means we can keep our repair prices as low as possible.

We’re so confident in the quality of our parts that fix2U offer a market-beating 5 Year Guarantee on our screen replacements.

fix2U uses third-party batteries that are of the exact same specification as those provided by Apple in terms of capacity and life expectancy. All batteries are CE-Mark certified for your safety and peace of mind.

fix2U uses 100% genuine Apple components for these items as they are readily available on the market.

fix2U uses 100% genuine Apple components for these items as they are readily available on the market.

For the majority of fix2U Samsung repairs, we use brand new and 100% genuine Samsung ‘Service Pack’ screens for all repairs. These are the exactly the same screens used by Samsung repair centres to repair your device. In some instances, particularly in the event of a supply shortage of Samsung Service Pack screens, fix2U may elect to use a refurbished Service Pack screen to ensure the repair is always available for our customers.