Our recent article explaining the significant business benefits of on-site mobile device repair received a great deal of interest. By opting to have your devices repaired on-site rather than sending them away for repair, the device repair lifecycle can be reduced from weeks to just hours. This translates to less employee downtime and substantially reduces the work needed to co-ordinate the repair process.

But beyond the time savings and operation efficiencies, there are some very significant cost savings that can be achieved by not using the device manufacturer’s own repair service.

How much could my business save?

In order to highlight the costs savings of repairing with fix2U versus Apple, we reviewed 12 months of repair data from a fix2U customer in the construction industry. The customer maintains a fleet of just over 4,000 iPhone 7 devices, and uses fix2U to complete on-site repairs in their Sydney, Melbourne and Perth offices.

We calculated the cost of their repairs during the period and compared this to the cost of completing the repairs direct with Apple.

# of Repairs Repair Type fix2U Repair Price fix2U Total Costs Apple Repair Price Apple Total Costs Saving with fix2U
302 Screen $ 159.00 $ 48,018 $ 248.95 $ 75,183 $ 27,165
67 Charging Issue $ 109.00 $7, 303 $ 508.95 $ 34,100 $ 26,797
24 Front Camera $ 119.00 $ 2,856 $ 508.95 $ 12,215 $ 9,359
41 Audio Issue $ 109.00 $ 4,469 $ 508.95 $ 20,867 $ 16,398
TOTAL $62,646 $142,364 $79, 718

*fix2U and Apple repair pricing based on repair rates as at October 2019. Additional discounts offered by fix2U for repairing multiple devices in a single booking have not been applied.

By repairing with fix2U, the customer’s annual repair costs were more than halved, achieving an annual saving of $79,718 when compared to the cost of using Apple’s own repair service. Furthermore, the customer enjoyed all the benefits of having their devices repaired on-site rather than dealing with the inconvenience and data security risks related to sending devices away for repair.

Post Repair Warranty

You may be surprised to learn that Apple offers a rather modest guarantee period of only 90 days on their repairs. This contrasts sharply with fix2U’s market-leading five year warranty on all repairs (with the exception of battery replacements – as these are classified as a consumable item).

Repair of New Devices Still Under Apple’s Warranty

One concern that is consistently raised by corporate customers who are considering fix2U relates to the loss of their warranty with Apple if they elect to use fix2U to repair their devices.

Up until June 2018, this was indeed a valid concern. This all changed in June 2018, however, following the ACCC’s landmark ruling (and $9m penalty against Apple). Apple quickly (and quietly) changed their repair policies in-line with the ruling, and are no longer refusing warranty repair services if the device has already been repaired by a third party.

In the event that Apple still attempt to refuse a warranty repair on a particular device that has previously been repaired by a third party, we like to ask our prospective customers how often they actually rely on the new device warranty, and based on those figures, does the cost of replacing a device outright (in the event of warranty service being refused) really offset the significant cost savings that can be achieved by repairing their fleet with fix2U rather than Apple? We’d suggest that if you do the calculations, the answer will be a resounding “no”.

What Types Of Repairs Can Be Completed On-site?

fix2U are able to complete the following repairs on-site at your office

  • Apple iPhone repairs : screen replacements, back glass replacement, battery replacements, charging problems, button replacements, sound and microphone repairs, camera replacements.
  • Apple iPad repairs : screen replacements
  • Samsung S series and A series : screen replacements and back glass replacements

Let’s Talk

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